About Us

 Follow Your Dreams!

We started with this fabulous dream ten years ago in Miami.
Step by step, we were creating the concept we have today.

Miaperfumes & Co. tenaciously restarted on January 2020 in Kansas, believing that the dream placed by God in our hearts comes true.

A dream does not give birth alone because it comes from your heart. Therefore, it takes time to gestate.  

We understand that perseverance with a peaceful love is a master key to obtain all that you love. You only need to believe in your dream! and do not forget be proactive.

Aromas are part of our emotional memories, and we want to continue feeding them with fragrances to delight ourselves, to enjoy peace and harmony in our home, to show love by giving a perfume, a scented candle, and more.

We began as an online perfume store, and now we are in a new stage.
We are working with passion and love to transform our online perfume store to an online perfume & candle store (gift store).

Coming soon we will offer deluxe products for the lovers of  pleasant 
original perfumes and candles.
Unleash the power of your scent! at miaperfume.com

Best Regards to you and your family!